Garement protects us, attires us, allows to glimpse who we are and how we choose to perform our identity. It distances us from the world while giving us presence in it. It is the extension of our skin, and the first space we live in.

But garement is also a product, a market good on which we put a value, and a fundamental element of the world we create. In the period of time we’re going through, buying a piece of clothing is an ideological act. It’s by thinking through those issues that cristallises the concept of NDE.

We offer designer brands, because their functioning is organic and ethical. Productions and outsourcing are limited, each part of the chain works in dignity. Collections are bi-annuals, seasonals, at a human scale. Quality is the one of craftmanship, lasting.

Our take on sustainability is to go towards timeless clothing, freed from trends and genders. A pure wardrobe, that doesn’t take care of colors but more of shapes, volumes, and details.

To be lasting, clothing has to transcend the era, get inspired by classic codes but deconstruct them and innovate, enhance the look while respecting the body and its need for comfort.

Yet, we put ufront strong creative expressions, because a piece that stands out is a medium of emotion; one gets attached to it, takes care of it.

Trend does not mean a lot but style is important because it speaks of identity.

NDE wants to be a space showcasing innovative designers, whether confirmed or emerging. They express themselves into raw, minimal, monochromic codes, and seek to answer the needs of a world undergoing changes.

This universe takes its sources in the countercultures and the anti-fashion movement from the 90s from which the players are the pioneers of a deconstructed more than glamourous fashion.

Its standard is the one by which expresses these different currents as well as timelessness by essence: the color black.


«Buy less, choose well, make it last.»

Vivienne Westwood