Collection: Daub

Daub project is an italian conceptual collection born from the culture of the street, which evolves from the suburbs of the metropolis, going beyond geopolical barriers and bringing the beauty of this culture along.

Their clothing is meant to be an everyday-wear, easy yet edgy and elegant, made in the most sustainable ways in Italy with natural fabrics and vegetable dyeings offering a beautiful palette of beiges, whites, greys and blacks.

The collections are the result of a constant study of shapes and identities, combined with a great passion for research and experimentation.

Each garment is created using the highest quality fabrics and the expertise of italian artisans. The result is a timeless look that gives longevity to each piece.

The label was born from the desire to bring fashion back to the essential, to the good habits of the Italian artisan tradition, such as the passion in the creation of the garment, attention to the customer, respect for the environment and the creation of healthy and transparent relationships within the team and with all the partners involved in the project who are sharing the same values.

Made in Italy.